Heart to Start

“If you’ve always wanted to make a start on bold things – businesses, ideas, dreams – but could never quite take the first step, this book shares with you how it can be done and what it really takes.

If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘Is this really what I’m meant to be doing with my life?’ in these pages you’ll find the story of everything I’ve risked and returned, lost and won, failed and fought for to ultimately find my purpose.” – Derek


The true story of how young entrepreneur Derek Handley conceived big ideas from New Zealand and launched them to the world, through a series of electric highs and crushing lows before discovering what he was really put here to do. Heart to Start also includes a practical field guide for shaping your life dreams and goals and turning them into reality. The field guide takes you inside the entrepreneurial mindset, covering energy and time management, filtering which projects to pursue, believing in yourself, redesigning habits and creating ideas that are uniquely yours.

“Really inspirational and a great read! It will help and inspire budding entrepreneurs and appeal to anyone who wants to map out their lives!” – Sir Richard Branson

“Heart to Start is one of the most inspiring and motivating books I’ve ever read…I read it in a day and it allowed me to explore my true purpose and flirt with opportunity. It’s written in frank, vulnerable, accessible and humorous way, and I am confident that it will inspire nations of people young and old, to better focus, dream, care and succeed.” – Sam Johnson

“Derek is fearless, a natural leader with a razor-sharp mind, wisdom beyond his years and crazy enough to believe he can change the world. He has the promise of the world we’d like to have and is just getting started.” – Sir Ray Avery